Monday, January 9, 2017

Life gives you onion... you make Onion Rings!

When its crazy cold and you really don’t want to go outside for anything... what do you do

Option 1: Sulk and complain of how cold it is
Option 2: Make Onion Rings!
This weekend, one of those Chi-beria days, we got together as a family to make Onion Rings from scratch.

'Why onion rings' you ask.... well, Miss V, my chatterbox, her birthday is around the corner and she has a 'List of things to celebrate' and onion rings was one of them.
Secondly, I really didn’t want to 'Sulk' one more time! So this was a perfect family activity to do!

Now, finding an egg-less/ beer free recipe which was workable by kids was tough... so I googled, combined 3 recipes to make our onion rings which came off AMAZING

To make life simple for you.. and for me to be able to find my own recipe, here is the recipe that kids can make with you.

A Chi-beria kind of day.. is not necessary to make these
1. Large White Onions: 2: Cut into 1/2 inch slices/ Rings
Recommendation: To avoid 'crying' while cutting onion, after peeling the onion, wash them in cold water. It helps reduce the tears

Dry Coating
1 cup Besan (Chickpea flour)
1/2 tsp salt

Wet Coating
2 cup besan (Chickpea flour)
Salt - per taste
2 tsp Oregano
2 tsp chilli flakes (optional)
2 cloves garlic (Finely chopped)
Milk- you will have to add to get the right consistency (~ 1.5 cup)
2 tsp baking soda

Top Coating
2 cups Panko Breadcrumbs
You could use any other type of bread crumbs as well, I used Panko since I love the crispiness on frying that it offers

Oil for frying

Garnish: Sea Salt or Chaat Masala

Kids Edition Process
I followed this recipe with the kids, so it created a bigger mess... but in my mind, no mess, no memories!!
We set up a manufacturing line on the kitchen platform
1. First kid dry coats all onions,

2. Second kid dips the coated onion ring in the wet batter
3. The first kids comes back to dip the battered onion in panko

4. Mommy happily fries the onion rings
5. Daddy happily sprinkles with the chaat masala and prepares for a movie evening while we all gobble up the onion rings together!

Detailed Process
1. In a mixing bowl, mix the dry coating ingredients: besan and salt
2. Coat the sliced onions with the flour and place the onions on a tray
3. Except the baking soda, mix all the wet coating ingredients in another mixing bowl
4. Add milk slowly, the consistency of the wet ingredients should be a little thinner than pancake batter
5. Now add the baking soda and mix
6. Dip the flour coated onion in the batter and place on a tray
7. Now dip this battered onion ring in the plate of panko
8. Coat evenly and then fry
Recommendation: Fry on medium flame so the onion ring cooks more evenly. You will have to turn the onion ring at least twice to fry from both sides
9. Sprinkle with sea salt/ Chaat Masala and enjoy!

Sp yes, when life gives you Onions... you make Onion Rings!

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