Thursday, May 6, 2010

When is it going to STOP!

As I read about the threat, the investigation, the person responsible for the NY-Scare and a very close call... I was mesmerized.
It felt like a movie; a very real and dreadful movie. And I was the audience, helpless, awwing at the amazing detective work, scorning the people and the motive behind and feeling for the NY people once more about what could have, might have but should not be.
A thirty year old guy, a guy with a wife and two small kids- a girl and a boy I hear. A guy who from his pictures, looks like an average Joe. A guy, trying to fit in, making something of his life and just like the next person - living the American Dream.
As I read about his neighbors comments about him, nothing stands out. It dreadfully reminds me of the movie- New York. In which a very hunky John A. is an average American fitting in. Being the traditional ABCD and playing the role beautifully.
The whole NYC terror case makes me look over my shoulder. It makes me look at my neighbors a little longer. It makes me very conscious of my own moves and the spoken word. Anything and everything can be taken out of context.
I write this piece also very carefully.
Of course, I condone this type of activity. Who does not? Nobody has the right to play with someone else's life, or impose their beliefs on someone else. No one has the right to scorn on some one else’s beliefs, way of life or choices. It’s not right, it’s not human and it’s not even fun!
I am surprised, I feel for his kids. The little boy and girl will grow up under a scar, under watchful and hurtful eyes for no fault of theirs. The kid’s dreams are crushed even before they could understand what dreaming meant. Again, it’s not their fault!
I can go on and on about how Media is playing this event. How they are making a commoner like you and I feel worried, feel questioned, feel watched. Media and its sensationalism is something, I really don’t want to talk about. But, all I do want to talk about this- How much hatred, how much brain washing is out there?
I have a little girl, and I only tell her: "World is a good place, a happy place". Sadly with what I see around me... I don’t think it will be true by the time she grows up. And it sucks to imagine that!

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Piper .. said...

I can well imagine what you mean. I have been thinking about this too. What on earth could have happened to radicalize this guy so much? But then again, imagine living on the borders where your friends and family get killed by US drones everyday! I dont even want to get into the reasons why because there can be a million. BUt just like you, my heart goes out to the wife and two little kids really. To imagine that his wife was born and brought up here in the US and a graduate of Colorado. I cant imagine her running away to Pakistan. I keep thinking she`s in some kind of trouble too. :(:( God! I wish this wouldnt have happened..