Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 6..... Yay!

There should have been a clause in my first post about this Getting Fit business, I am allowed to slack a bit, since you see, I am a mom. I was really hoping to pull the "puppy face OMG, mother of a toddler can get tiring" and then you'd sympathize, pat me along and let me slack off just a tad bit.
But I know you won’t, since damn my big mouth: I wanted to do this so V's mom (Me) is much fitter to chase her in park!
Urgh... Anyways, back to business. So this week, I was in bliss. Again, my daily walks continued. My yoga and stretches got more strenuous and guess what: Finally I am getting some muscle ache! The good kind, you know the kind when you know, you have finally worked the muscle and not just the flab covering it! It felt painful but good. The pain gave me additional motivation.
Now that I am in my last fortnight of pain, I mean getting fit~ I plan to stretch a bit thin! I plan to challenge myself a bit more. Oh by the way, did you know: doing 30 seconds of walk followed by 30 seconds of jogging is more strenuous than 60 seconds of just jogging. OMG! Apparently, everyone knows it. I learned it from my friend: Natasha's facebook status. She is training for the half marathon. Which by the way is amazing, since in her marriage vows, she had said: ”Her husband should forget about coaxing her to run any kind of marathon with him”. But guess what, she is training, with her husband for her wonderful cause. For this cause, you are allowed to retract from the marriage vow! Do drop in on Natasha’s page and donate what you can for her cause and cheer her along.
Ok, back to my progress now:
Yes, however cheeky it might sound- I do feel lighter. Guess what, I stop eating when I am full!! (I know that should be understood, but when the food is super yum and you didn’t cook it, it’s hard!) Hehe, jokes apart.
Food wise, I stuck to breakfast, spaced out meals (minus snacking) and decent hour dinner. Weight wise, the downward trend on my Wii Fit is still excruciatingly slow. But at least the direction is correct!
One very important thing I am learning is, you dont need to go the gym to do a daily healthy routine. It can be in your living room with a yoga mat or out in the park. Earlier, I would always keep shying away saying, no time for gym, or I have to be home with V, or I dont have time! But it's not that hard to make time!
So now, get back to cheering me along so I can complete my final two weeks and be ready to wolf down on my upcoming long weekend trip~

Piper... how you doing sweetie? I think I have consumed more fruits in these six weeks that in the past six years combined. Ok, I am over exaggerating! But you get the idea!


Piper .. said...

you`re doing great, girl!! Well, other than charting down all that i eat, I havent made much progress really :(:(
Though I have started having break fast for a change. And I have also started going for walks. But that really isnt sufficient :( O good lord!! I`m waiting for you to write something that`ll jolt me into gym-ming :):)

GNSD said...

@ Piper... My personal.. just start doing a bit more than normal routine and that's it! The results will come slpwly but surely.. at least I am really hoping that happens to me