Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow and Steady..... Week 5 update

The feeling of having spring in your feet, feeling light and just over all in a good mood and chirpy!
Well tada- that’s me!!!
Now, i must confess, my Wii Fit does not show as many pounds dropping, as I was hoping it would, neither am I in need of a whole new wardrobe yet! Hehe, real life you see. But, with the subtle changes in my daily schedule, I am feeling over all better, fitter.
I can climb over eleven floors and not be out of breath. I can cover my 1.5 daily walk in about fifteen minutes and still have energy to go on. I see myself willingly pick up the fruit in hunger pangs instead of raiding the pantry.
And guess what - I feel good. And I didn’t have to bend over backwards to get here. Yes, I would like the clothes to be looser. But for now, in my never ending optimism, I feel if I continue, the energetic feeling will continue, the calories will burn and I will still be enjoying life and loosing slow but steady un-necessary pounds. I like the downward trend on my Fit profile!
On that note, last week my daily walks continued. I have increased the intensity of the daily stretches and yoga routine (May be this is helping the lightness feeling). Food wise: Long behold: Managed breakfast everyday! I somehow am managing early dinners as well. But I am not sure I will be able to sustain it. With the onset of summer and evening park sessions with V and other commitments, I don’t see early dinners.
Besides that here is a quick "healthy" hunger fix: Baby Carrots/ Sunflower Seeds/ No-Sugar Cereal Bar/ Fruit... and yes.. even the summer Mango might count!


Dawn said...

I wanted to let you know that you won the Jawbone giveaway on my blog. I couldn't find an email address for you, so thought I'd let you know here. Congrats! Email me at

Piper .. said...

hey.. that`s wonderful!! In fact I got so influenced by your efforts, that I finally started my own! I made a list of all that I consumed yesterday and I was shocked! So today onwards, I`m a whole new me! And all thanks to you! :):)

GNSD said...

@ Piper.... yeah yeah.. I now have a partner in crime...eeh.. I mean in making ourselves better!! hehe.. So excited, Looking forward to your updates as well..

Shilpa said...

Gr8 going girl. Maybe this advice might help you. You can actually stack how much and what ever you want during lunch. Dinner can be 2-3 chapatis and boiled vegetables if possible. Though a bit tough, it does help to bring down a few calories. Avoid rice as much as you can esp basmati :P