Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 4 Update

As I coughed and coughed a bit more, I was sad to see the week slip by. Last week, nothing major, but a bit under the weather.
Call it excuse, whatever, but no gym, only my walks every day. I did manage doing stretches a few times. I have added something to my mix. I always take stairs to my office- second floor ;-) But now, even when I go up to cafeteria or meeting rooms, be it sixth or third floor, I have been taking stairs consistently. Doing just a bit more for daily movement. In addition, I have switched to drinking slightly warm water after meals. Heard it benefits digestion, don’t know about that yet, but I like it, one its soothing to my sore throat and two, I feel good. Don’t ask why.
Food wise, I have been pretty good. My afternoon snack of healthy choice has been consistent. It varies from fruit, to dried cranberries to yogurt. I am learning, Life will continue to happen, by making subtle changes on my approach, I am feeling more energetic. At a friend’s amazing party over the weekend, I snacked on yummy fruits before going; this resulted in less attack on the appetizer tray and saving my appetite for the main course. Plus reduced guilt on binging on the amazing dessert and the chocolate fondue!! Hehe...

Balancing you see and still managing to eat all the yummy food but not over do it. This week, I do want to step it up. Health permitting, I do want to get back to my gym and carve out sometime for Wii Fit. Keep you posted.

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Shilpa said...

Take care :) and keep going :)