Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 7: Almost there man... almost!

I know I know, it’s the last but one week, and I had decided to stretch a bit... But alas, my week turned out to be the exact opposite.
One, I will give an 'excuse' of health> I swear, it’s not fun doing a work-out fun while you are coughing. Second 'excuse' will be of a bit of OMG!
Let me explain the OMG: So towards the end of week 6, I felt that my efforts were paying off: It made me feel good. But it also makes me think, now that I have lost a bit, maybe I can eat 'unhealthy' just a teeny tiny bit.
Here is where all hell breaks loose. Sadly, all unhealthy food options are way yummier and you cannot stop at just a bit. So the next you know: You completed a bowl full of whatever you chose.. and hence the OMG!
So how was my week? Well it was not that good.
I had a lot of work and personal scheduled lunches resulting in me eating outside than home packed. And since I don’t pick healthy lunch choices when I order food, the whole "eat balanced Healthy meals" goes out the roof.
So here is what I am planning to do about it: Order the comfort food, but try managing the portions. Stop when you are full and more importantly, take the remaining to go. You don’t have to finish the ginaourmous portion in one go! Comprendes?
The reason I am taking the above approach instead of ordering healthier food to begin with, is the following: I know I can sustain the former. My whole approach in the "Getting Fit" has been to make subtle changes in lifestyle and make it sustainable. Nothing drastic, but just simpler things that I can incorporate in day to day life.
I love eating out, since it gives me a break from my own cooking. I want to enjoy the process and not resent it. That is my honest explanation.. however lame it might sound.
The saving grace was that with the heavier lunches, I did have lighter dinners. I did something right...
Yes, I did continue my walks religiously, did my routine of stretches.. and had my first: With V enjoying the sun in the park, I managed some yoga on the green grass and you know what: It felt awesome! :-)

In the whole getting fit business, I am surprised; at how much I am learning about myself and eating habits and how they impact my moods.

Now as I gear up for my last week before the long weekend: Here is an irrelevant update: A bunch of our friends are heading off to Galena in the long weekend. Very excited, especially, since this is the first time, I will be using my blogger connections: At a recent Blogger conference, I won a getaway weekend in a brand new Chevy 2010 car. So, I am planning to use the 8-seater car for the trip and write about our trip! You can catch all the details on my Mommy-In-Making blog!

Back to business: Week 8 bring it on.... .....and yes that noise is my happy dancing which luckily you can’t see or hear! ;-)


Shilpa said...

OMG.... :)
A bit of deviation happens most of the times... :) but keep going girl :)

Piper .. said...

what???????? You actually won a getaway weekend in a Chevy???? :):)
Wow!!!! Did you have a fun weekend? Do put up pictures.