Monday, July 12, 2010

An idea....what do you think?

Ok... it’s just an idea... and not a unique one. I will give it that.. But still. An idea needs a few things.. wording it.. and of course.. gaining consensus followed by implementation.

So... I am a foodie.. a veggie foodie that is and married to a veggie foodie as well. As usual I am pressed for time.. but love the home cooked meal. I like healthier options and shy away from fried food on a regular basis unless I am entertaining. And in my quest to be the "perfect" person, I love to find quick fixes which does not take hours in kitchen... and still taste well.. divine... hehe. I do enjoy baking (though I suck at it... rather.. don’t have the patience for). Plus I enjoy cooking, and love the thumbs up from my daughter and SD's blissful face. I like the aroma of spices being cooked, having my daughter help me out in cooking (!), trial and failures....
So here is my idea.
For my blogger buddies.. how about we create and then start a contributing to a "Food Blog" We can have broad categories.. like Appetizers, Lunch, Snack, Quick Fix, Re-vamp of Left Over, Party food.... and maybe .. fine a category for Non-veggies.. though I promise to never read them. And may be a place where we can put in “Nuska’s” small tips which make life easier.. like starting the pressure cooker with lemon piece inside and then cleaning it…... did you know that helps to get the shine back! Did you know?
And yes, give me a break.. I did not say my idea was unique!
The name of the blog can be… hmm… “A Quick Fix!” come on.. that is just a little bit unique!
What do you think? Any takers.. Anybody else enthusiastic in joining.. shoot me an email and we can figure out how to design the blog, link within and of course figure out frequency of contribution, what to contribute etc….
Alternatively... we can start "Recipe a week" All of us.. just post a recipe on our own blogs which we tried making or eating that week and was honest to god “A Quick Fix!”.
Or something else... .like you already know of a blog where I can contribute my "amazing" concoctions. ;-)
Come on.. shoot me an email and or just comment here!

Updated to add: This idea came while chit chatting with one of my dearest friends. So not entirely mine as well.. Hehe.
Perfect: An Idea, Not Unique, Not entirely mine. :-D

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