Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

The fun tag going around right now... is ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’.
Rules are simple... write down ten things that your gender stereo type does not do. Hmm... Well.. i thought I'd have tonnes.... But when I started writing, i realized, i do fit into a lot of girly stereo types.........darn... but here are the ten top most that stood out for me.

1. I have been the handy-woman around the house... got a picture frame to put up call me, got a crib to fix call me, got a broken faucet, i will attempt it.
2. Need for speed.. I love being in and driving a fast car. I miss my California days, where the speed limit was 75 and there was a minimum on some key freeways.
3. I have not liked the color pink for the longest time ever.. I must say, that's changing with my daughter growing up. I am getting more and more fond of it.
4. Heavy lifting.. I take pride in being able to carry a 60 pound bag up the flight of stairs. I take pride in being able to lift and move the couch around the house.
5. Enjoyed all types of sports.. though I suck at them.. I like to try each and every one of them. I like the adrenaline rush.. I love the excitement and above all I love the competition. I bet, SD and my dear friend can vouch for my competitive streak in a recent game of pool basket ball.
6. Tears of pain of bruises of cuts. I can handle them. I will not wince unless its excruciating.. like my ACL injury or more recently my labor. Besides these two, I don’t remember crying for other physical injuries.
7. House project.... goes hand in hand with being a handy woman i guess. But I itch to do a fix-me-up house, or stain a coffee table or even paint a room. All of these are things I want to rather than actually done.
8. I don’t know if this qualifies.. but lived alone, travelled alone and managed alone. Oh by the way, that does include filing my own taxes.. which is a freaking big deal for me.
9. Took pride in being tom boyish... one of the guys and still have a bunch of craziest guy pals.
10. Speak my mind.. all the freaking time. To the point, where I am infected for life with "foot in mouth" disease!

Hmmm... But I am a girly girl as well. I love my girl night outs, my long email conversations with friends, my clothes, shoes and purses. I can ask SD a zillion times, is this looking good. I enjoy my chick flicks as much as I love a good thriller. I can spend hours gossiping with my MIL. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and keeping my family glued. Above all.. i love being me. Opinionated yet sociable.
Feel free to take the tag if not done so already!


Piper .. said...

:) your post made me smile :) you seem like this perfect woman :):)

GNSD said...

Haha!!! How I wish... ask SD.... and he will have a completely different story to say.. my quirks.. my incessant need and frustration of having stuff in place.. and oh yes, did i mention.. I nag.. though I love to say: i never do!
Perfect... how I wish! :-D

Shilpa said...

Gosh... am like you on this 4. Heavy lifting.. I take pride in being able to carry a 60 pound bag up the flight of stairs. I take pride in being able to lift and move the couch around the house.

Lakshmi said...

Wow, that was a great read Garima. I could write a few things similar about myself. Just last week bruised by foot trying to move a furniture myself!

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa... My brother continuously teases me about my "muscles" which I dont have but often talk about.
@Lakshmi... uho... hope not a bad bruise... I guess being in US has helped us be more independent.. and not wait for some "macho" to come and lift the stuff around!

Anonymous said...

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