Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little Book Keeping

All right.. with a lot of fan fare I had announced my Energizer Giveaway.. >> Finally time to announce the winners.. and the winner for the amazing set of batteries is G.... whose cute comment was
"Gonna need lotsa batteries! Gimme gimme gimme.. " Hehe...
G.. please shoot me an email at garimablogs at gmail dot com with your postal address. I promise to not show up at your doorstep (unannounced)... It is mainly for the people at Energizer to mail the batteries out to you.

Secondly, For people who did comment on the giveaway or missed the deadline and still commented.... thanks a lot.. Was very sweet. But ...... I am having another giveaway.. Not for batteries.. but yummy.. Angie's Kettle Corn... go ahead, check it out on my Mommy In Making blog and leave a comment there. And FYI- There will be five winners, so your probability of winning is definitely higher..

Thirdly, you remember, I won the Blogadda's being invisible contest right? So Pringoo was suppose to mail me the choice of gift.. hmm... and I picked my design and ordered. And I am informed, that oh-we-dont-ship-to-US! And I am like... oh-it-was-not-mentioned-anywhere.
Damn...so now we are figuring out logistics together... which is definitely me telling them.. I want that T-shirt.. bad, I won ;-)! Hehe.
Will keep you guys posted.. and definitely, if and when I do get it, I will put up a picture... promise baba.. pinky promise.

Fourthly........naah nothing.. just wanted to see... how fourthly sounds.

Have a great week everyone.


Indian Home Maker said...

Would love to see a picture of that T shirt :) Congratulations for winning the contest!

Fifthly I thought this was a funny post :)

HS said...

Good to see a fine sense of humour in the middle of the week :)

So, do guys back in India also get to participate in these giveaways? ;)

GNSD said...

@ IHM...Thanks for stopping by. :-)Well alas, i dont get the winning T-shirt shipped to US>.. Boo :-(

@ HS... Nope.. It's extended only for US.. What to do, the shipping costs are prohibitive.