Friday, July 16, 2010

Late is better than Never! Right?

All this is way overdue. Shilpa @ Shonawrites had passed on this award to me "Cherry on TOp"

Thank you so much girl.. it was super cute of you. Here I am now... Thanks Shilpa for this award... and super sorry for the delay in putting this up!
In order to accept this, I have to write three things about myself....hmm like I dont do that all the time.. eheh.

All right.. here it is.
1. Hello, I am Garima. :-)
2. Hello, I am Garima. :-)
3. Hello, I am Garima. :-)

Come on... it didn't say that to be unique, catchy or nice... So there... GNSD = Garima. Happy!

Now, the fun part... tag five more people.
Forever mother
Bikramjit Singh Mann

And A picture I love...Taken in the soft sands of Puerto Rico..... GN, SD and V.


Piper .. said...

A very well deserved award! Congrats! And thanks a ton for passing it on to me!! :):)
I cant see the picture though :( Shall come later to check it out again!

GNSD said...

@ Piper.... hope you can see the picture now!