Friday, July 30, 2010

Apple Cobbler.... Yummy in my Tummy!

So I have wanted to write about food... quick fixes and the likes for a while. But somehow the right outlet is not coming, so for now, I will just write here. Yes, it is very unlike my regular blog content, but this is one recipe a sweet tooth like me had to share… Especially since it look less than 10 minutes to put together!
This was completely inspired by Chris’s post of the Peach Cobbler...
The major switch is using fresh fruit instead of packed (read: super sweet, super glorified) fruit. And since SD had recently gone for our groceries (Aaah!! thank you XOXO), we had more apples than peaches. Hence, here is my revised recipe for:
Apple Cobbler! (In MWave less than 10 min. preparation + Baking Time)

Fresh Apples (Since this was a trial, I only used two)
4 Tspoon sugar (Proportion is for 1 apple = 2 Tsp sugar)
Box of yellow cake mix (Readily available in Jewel Osco or any grocery store. Costs 1-2$)
1-2 sp Cardamom powder (Alternatively can use Cinnamon as well.)
Baking Dish/ Microwaveable Dish (I love Pyrex since you can use it in Microwave, you can bake in it and store in it!)
1. Core and Peel the apple(s)
2. Cut the apple in thin slices and place it in the Pyrex bowl
3. Add Sugar and mix
4. Place the bowl in microwave (High) for two minutes.
5. Now add the Cardamom powder, stir it a bit and once again microwave it for two minutes.
6. Just keep checking that the apple is soft enough. It tends to get translucent. Please don’t touch the apple (It's super hot.. not that I know anything about that!). Start microwave for another minute if needed!
7. Now, add 5-6 tspoons of the cake mix on top of the melted apple-sugar concoction. Make sure to use a fork to tab it in the liquid.
8. Now, if you like the buttery taste, feel free to place small cubes of butter on top of the cake mix for better baking. (I placed 2-3 only)
9. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees on Bake for about 15 minutes.

Yumm Yumm Yumm
Apple Cobbler is ready.... feel free to eat it with Vanilla Ice Cream like I did!
Or feel free to force feed the hubby to "Try it out"... Once again like I did!
Or feel free to not feel bad when kiddo only wants the Ice Cream... since the cobbler was still super hot! Just like mine did!
Fear not. I will ensure she eats the cold leftover one tonight!

Sorry... no pictures, I really didn’t know I was going to blog about it.
Now, I definitely plan to make such quick fix cobblers of different fruits (Peaches, Berry's, Nectarines).... all should work well! Any tasters?
Try it out… let me know how it turned out!

Note: If you don’t want to use the cake mix, for the crusty top do the following:
1. 6 tspoons All purpose flower + 3-4 cubes of butter, Sugar if you like the crust to be sweet.
2. Hand mix the ingredients to a powdery feel. Just so you can place it over the fruit concoction. And bake
I was lazy last night, so the cake mix was perfect. I think I will use cake mix going forward; it’s just quicker (and less dishes, and less preparation time and that one big box will last me a few more trial attempts)!

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Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Sounds yummm...will try it out and let ya know how it turns out:)

Still catching up on your posts from the past back in blogosphere after a break :)