Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I blog?

It is my 100th post today... And yes.. let the drum roll begin, let the marching bands go.. and oh yes... applaud applaud.. hehe..
Today I will attempt to answer the question which I have been asked a lot of times.. Why do you blog?

I started blogging; just to get over my fear of being on the open internet...There was a time, when I used to freak out if I searched for my name and my Linked In profile showed up. I didn’t like it. I liked to be a person.. and not be searchable! Plus I was always a bit reserved when it came to talking about me... let me rephrase.. I could go on and on about discussing and lecturing and debating different things.. but I was always shy/self conscious at talking about my problems/issues/ short comings to near and dear one.. I am sure a few friends are nodding their heads. I had to change that. And so I did.... I started getting over my first issue of being "open" on net, I used my pen name GNSD.. Shared the blogs with just family and some friends. Then I started enjoying the writing process. It felt exhilarating. I started slowly getting over my second issue of being "open" about me. It felt free, liberating.. My friend was right.. it's not hard to talk about yourself. I got over it and used my first name for my professional contribution.
And then slowly and surely (thankfully) I met wonderful people in the blogging world. It was an extension on my community. I realized my writing and "issues" fell into two distinct categories.. mommy related and my adventures related.. I decided to split my blogs. One as my Mommy-In-Making Blog and other as this....Not knowing a lot of young parents around me used to leave me a little worried, second guessing myself; if you will. But coming across numerous other fellow bloggers, mommy bloggers, reading, it felt good.. and once again I learned something: "You are the best parent for your child" ... I feel less judged by my own eyes.. I think I am okay telling myself.. I am learning, making mistakes, picking myself up again.. and figuring out! The mommy blog really helped me cope up with not driving myself or SD crazy.
And then.. blogging opened up other interesting ventures.. My professional contribution to "Chicago Moms Blog" I attended my first ever Blogging conference. I got interviewed by CNN for a parenting viewpoint, I got a brand new Chevy to test drive for a weekendand write about, I figured out Google Reader... I learned about branding, advertising, making professional and personal relationships with bloggers. I met wonderful people who blog, who write, who author books, who own companies, who start companies, who reach out to community, who help out.. and above all.. who are wonderful people... I learned.. blogging is a community itself. I am now excited at a few new opportunities brewing up for me.
In addition to all this.. blogging is truly fun. I remember when my dear friend Prutha was starting her blog.. we'd spent countless email exchanges inserting up analytics, making it searchable and the likes... It's then when I realized.. Blogging is self expression. When she reached her first 100 followers... she told me. I grinned cheek to cheek... Blogging is fun, especially with minimum investment, you get to reach out to more people. Friends, strangers alike and talk about what you can contribute to people around! See what the Uniform Project achieved… It’s inspiring.
I blog because I can. As some wise person said "I write because therapy is freaking expensive!"

To my 100th........ Thanks SD for being you :-). Thanks Bhaia.. for the encouragement and help in setting up my own blog well! Thanks readers.. for reading, commenting and being such wonderful e-friends ;-)

And yes... It's a start!


Piper .. said...

:):) Hearty Congratulations on the 100th post! I didnt know you have another blog or about your blogging ventures elsewhere. Thanks for posting the links. I`ll check them out!
You rock, girl! Hugs on the accomplishment and here`s hoping there are many,many more to come!

Pallavi said...

I love your blog(s) just coz they are so real. The flow is natural, the situations are sometimes mundane and sometimes unique. At times, they provoke thinking or just offer a nice read.

Great going, for sure!

Shilpa said...

Hearty Congratulations ... :) :)

Pinnacle said...

congratsss!!! loved this post!! miss you more now :((

Lakshmi said...

Congrats Garima :), you have been around everywhere, haven't you? It has been a pleasure reading you.

Maddie said...

Hey just came across your blog. It's lovely. Also checking out the other links. Congrats on the 100th post.

Prutha said...

its such a cute post!!
congrats on ur 100th

ur doing great and keep it up!!


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Congratulations girl!!!

Love reading your blog...keep the posts coming !

GNSD said...

@ Piper.... Oh the other blogs are linked on my main home page.. But you would not see it if you come via the reader... glad I wrote them then!
@ Pallavi.. thanks girl.... you have summarised it well for me. Its about life in general.. and things just need to be captured.
@ Shilpa... thanks ...
@ Sirsh.......I am missing you to.. whom to discuss post topics over greasy noodles now!
@ Lakshmi..thanks girl.. i must say.. you were the first reader/friend (other than people whom I would bash up if they didnt read)whom I met in my blogging adventures.. thanks to work it mom for that. right!
@ Maddie... welcome welcom.... hope you like what you see!
@ Prutha........hugs hugs and more hugs!
@ Priyanka.......Thanks girl... I am glad you come back always.. I look forward to your posts so much! We get to know each other better via blog than in person!