Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion...

See this post is all about boasting and patting myself on my back.. and saying.. Oh I am so fab.. So if you dont want to hear it... stop reading.. I mean it..

Fine you stuck around.. don't tell me I didnt warn you!
Remember in my 100th post (Wohooo) I had mentioned there were a few other things brewing up for me... here is one of them.. I will be writing for "Smartly Chicago". I am hoping to write bi-monthly for them... How nice is that? The cool thing, on Smartly Chicago I can write about anything from parenting, cultural mis-matches, vacations, general stuff which are important to me or made me take a step behind and re-think!
Nice right? ;-)
I will let you know as and when I publish there... dont worry.. I know you are waiting to read a bit more of my chatter .
You can check out my writing bio here

Guess what the punch line for Smartly Chicago is: "People who get it" Ahem! ;)

Foot Note: Please comment on my Perfect Sunday evening post... the Giveaway is still on. I really wish you win.. so we can meet up over pop-corn and may be some chai! :-D


Maddie said...

Cool, congratulations! looking forward to your posts. Keep it up.

HS said...

Good Going Girl...(wow that's an alliteration ...maybe even I have some talent afterall :D)

Lakshmi said...

Wow, great going Garima. I hope to catch up with all your writings soon :)

Garima said...

@ MAddie, HS, Lakshmi... thanks a lot! :-D Really excited about it!