Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday ewwwww....

In my attempt to getting fit the "right way", I am sticking to packing lunches, eating regular food, but avoiding eating out on weekdays.
A. Its healthier meal, B. "You don’t get "eww'eD
Let me start from the top, you know, I am a vegetarian. I am one of those annoying people in restaurants, who will take ten minutes to order something. I stop short of having the waiter: repeat after me "No Meat, No Egg, No fish Sauce, No Broth... and so on" You get the idea. This has not deterred me from eating out, I love it. If calories, budget and time were no constraint, I'd probably eat out more often.
Today, being a Friday and all, I decided to break the rut of the heavy week. A colleague and I stopped at this small, nice Chinese place for lunch. They always have managed giving me my super precise vegetarian meals. It helps, that they have an open kitchen, and I actually see the guy putting in everything in front of me. My colleague ordered his meal with a smoothie. I think he wanted an Avocado-something one, but they didn’t have it. So he asked for Banana which again they didn’t have, so he settled on Mango.
We get our meal, we are sitting. Opening our To-Go packets (even after we told the cashier, it's for here!). His Mango smoothie arrives. Now, my lunch buddy was not overjoyed with the Mango selection, but whatever. It s warm outside, and he deserved a smoothie, Simple. So we start eating.
In a couple of minutes, the cashier came to our table and asked my colleague, do you still want the avocado -something smoothie. They must've realized, they had the ingredients after all. He agreed to it. We both laughed and said: Ok, maybe they realized their mistake and wanted to make up for it by giving the right smoothie for the guy. In my mind, my buddy was already set for 2 at the price of 1. Which by the way is common hospitality courtesy: you make a mistake, you don’t ask the customer to pay for it.
Anyways, the green smoothie comes, the cashier, without asking takes the Mango one away. We were dumb founded. WTH! Oh well, thumbs down, right there. We go into lengthy conversation of how un-professional that was and so on. But anyways, we continue to eat. Suddenly, the guy on the table next table has a mango smoothie in his hands. I was surprised, since I didn’t hear a blender et al> So under pretense of water, I go to check it out. The open kitchen had the blender still with remnants of the green smoothie. The cashier/ OMG hold your breath/ re-cycled the mango smoothie to give to this new customer!

We both were grossed out. Of course that place is off limits to our in-frequent lunches. I really do hope he at least changed the straw... eeew still!

So now, in addition to being super careful while ordering food and standing there until it gets cooked, I have to now start following the server until it gets delivered to my table “just in case" you see!
I think I am reverting to my home-packed lunches. Thank You very much.


Shilpa said...

eeeshhhh .. tats bad :(

Vintage Obsession said...

Some times its so scary to think of what goes inside our throats in these restaurants , Like hoe Rachel in Friends says " Sneezers "

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa.. am actually now in a guilt.. May be i should have confronted the store right away!!!

@ VO... haha... very true, I think I am bit shaken up to eat comfortably out for a while now!