Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Bring your child to work day... how exciting right?
I was in a bunch of meeting, smiling at the young girl doodling away, while her dad: My colleague and I discussed important work issues. I can only imagine the thoughts of the little kid at a place her daddy went every day!
As a kid, I don’t remember having a Go to work day. However, I do remember walking from school to my dad's office on humid afternoons once in a while after basket ball practice, just so I didn’t have to take the bus home and oh yes, see my father sooner.
I would tidy up my mud covered school uniform, enter his corner office. Air-conditioned office. Which you would know means a lot after walking a couple of blocks in afternoon Mumbai heat. What a relaxing office! I always wondered how he got any work done with the constant calls, running from one room to other, answering questions and dictating his notes to his secretary. And in the middle of it, how could he ever focus while his office over-looked the lovely Arabian Sea!
But I enjoyed watching him work. I admired his resilience, his passion for work and yes his constant questions to me: "Not bored, right?"
I liked going to his office for two reasons: One, avoid the afternoon mad rush in a bus so I can get a lift back home in the air-conditioned car and second to get pampered. The minute I entered his office, he or his secretary would offer cold drinks, sandwiches, chips. Anything. For them, I was a little girl who always smiled and proudly showed her report card. I think. But for me, they were amazing people; very hardworking, always wanting to pat my back and of course ensuring those three to four hours in his office were full of entertainment. Well, as much entertainment as office walls could provide.
But honestly, I never did exactly understand what my father did in office until much later. And may be that little girl doodling in meeting room would not either.
At the end of the day, both of us-me and the doodling little girl are the same. In awe, in admiration of our dads and super excited at the treats his colleagues offer us. We never will understand why our dad's had those limited bad days at work as they were surrounded with wonderful views and lovely co-workers, meetings which meant meeting more wonderful people, working during the day and no homework, and oh yes, endless glasses of soda. Did I mention no school uniform!
Ahh! Can I go back in time, and go to his office once more as a little girl, asking for club sandwich with ketchup on side? And this time, I promise I won’t be a slob and finish my homework on time!
Office: Is a child's fascination and an adults reality. But it’s the perspective that matters right!


Shilpa said...

:) Even I used to go with my dad to his office :) and get pampered by all his students :)

And hey btw... you got an award... check my blog :)

Piper .. said...

:):) brings back so many fond memories..:)

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa.... Amazing feeling right.. I was super Happy to catch up with my father after two long years!
! Piper: I am sure honey! And I didnt know what to say on your post. It would have been hard on you..a nd So i chose to not comment! Hope you understand. Hugs!