Thursday, April 8, 2010

Technically S****ed!

A lot has been read, written, shared, discussed, debated, condoned, and laughed about this whole Shoaib- Sania debacle. The Shoaib- Ayesha phone marriage, The Shoaib- Sania tie up, The Sania break up, the love story, the patriotism, the location of post marital bliss, the guest list and so on! Just Google and you will find the answers.
So, I don’t want to write about this whole thing and my take and my opinions. Since honestly, it does not matter.
What I do want to write about is technology’s ‘interference’ in today's modern courtship, marriages, break-up's and its strain on relationships.
Phone, emails, web chats, FB's, Twitter, Orkut and I don’t know how many other ways are there to communicate with your sweetheart. Just may be check up on them, drop a quick note, check them out or simply let the other know you are thinking about them.
In case you are cheating (Shame on you); there is not the strand of hair or the lipstick mark your spouse will be looking out for. It’s the internet print! It’s the online statements, the phone records and may be the emails. The main flip side of technology is too much in touch. There are times when I would try to reach SD on any of the three numbers and 2 emails, just to let him know: V did this! For that moment, if he is in a meeting or no, doesn’t matter, the achievement could not wait, you see.
I remember a while ago, on a girl’s night out. All of us made the conscious decision of leaving the cell phones in the purse and not touch them. Trust me, the powder breaks were more than often that night.
We need to be in touch; else we will feel left out. Technology just makes it easier.
Phones are just not simple anymore. You can access anything and everything from that tiny thing you lug around! From the ‘mini-machine’ you can update FB: ‘Your wife packed you Masala Dosa's for lunch.’ "Awwww" yes, but seriously, now I am craving it, and there is no Udipi in my area.
Somehow, gone are the days where love, passion was a feeling, a sensation, a feel good thought. It was more about coy looks, shy smiles, reading letters, hiding the blush, waiting for that one call, one visit. Now it’s more about sharing the pictures, the text's, discussing the break up’s, and above all: Leaving it all open. On the phone, the web enabled phone (Is there any other kind, you ask!)
Recently, I asked a friend, so any one special? Her goofy response: When FB tells you, you'd know. I was taken aback, but let it be.
Now how does this all tie back to the Shoaib-Sania story? Imagine 2 decades ago, a call overseas would be a trunk call. For which both the parties would have book the call, wait by the phone. Wait, wait and then wait some more. When the call finally came through, may be one of the witnesses went to the rest room. So now, you still cannot get married, since you can’t be on the phone while the witness takes a tinkle. It’s way too expensive. So you request the operator to re-call in a bit. You howl at the witness on the return and then wait again. No one is allowed to eat or drink now. The call comes in, but no speaker phone right? So for the witnesses to hear, both parties will have to speak their commitment multiple times. Remember: “Haan Bhai Haan!” Now, within this duration, the call get cut sometimes, the lights go out or simple: You are screaming into the phone, since the other side can barely hear!
It’s too stressful! So you call it a day. Book your train tickets to the place, get married and have a legit proof of the marriage: “Two people side by side, holding their hands and making the most important commitment of their lives" with the witnesses physically present and not over Telephone. And yes with food and merriment.
So Shoaib: it's not your fault really to get “tricked” in this phone marriage: It’s the cell phone company’s fault to make it so easy to call with caller ID on. Techonolgy screwed it up for you. Sorry.
Just one question lingers in my mind: How come none of the parties recorded this call? Wouldn’t you save all the marriage pictures, why not the recording?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..Got to go, the RSS feed on my phone shows a recent development on this scandal: Sania's statement!


Shilpa said...

haa haa... tat's a nice take... internet and emerging technology has given a new podium for emotions to be expressed globally :)

btw, I left you a tag in one of my posts... :).. Hope you will enjoy doing it....

Prutha said...

i have no idea who is shania etc ppl r... but yes i agree, as far as everything is concerned there is just tmi everywhere..and its very hard to control yourself from getting too public... its all fb and cell phone company's fault!! i agree... lol

Piper .. said...

I`ve had enough of the Sania- Shoaib drama and I`m dead sick of it. So I will not comment on that aspect.
But yes, technology`s literally been thrust upon us, and sometimes even when we dont want it! However, the weirdo that I am, I absolutely detest talking on the telephone. Email is so my thing. I dont know why, but I`m a little uneasy talking over the telephone.. I wish I could understand the reasons a little better and do something about it. Because in the bargain, I`ve ended up losing a few friends..
Loved reading this post. Very well-written! :)

GNSD said...

@ Shilpa... thanks for the tag.. will defintely do it very soon!
@ Prutha... Sania Mirza man come on... google.. you HAVE to know the rising star of our tennis.
@ Piper.. I am also a bit phone shy. There was a time, when I could yak away for hours.. now its more like, lets meet up and then chat. Or email, equally responsive!
Am glad you enjoyed the post. I had a blast writing it.