Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day... hmmm

So the Earth day dawns on me tomorrow. Why is it there, what is the purpose. The lovely Wikipedia gives me the answers.
How did I find out about it? Advertisements: There was the Turn the light for an hour campaign. I cheered along but could not follow through. I don’t think 11 in the night counts. There is the Wear a Jeans day with a Green T at a work place just to show the united front. Well, I probably will do that. And then of course, its innumerable articles, posts etc I am reading about it.
How does it affect me is the question: Right now: To be very blunt, in no possible way.
How does it affect me in the future: In every possible way.
Being green, going green is not a one day thing; it’s a habit we have to form. A simple habit as well> for right now, out of convenience, I am doing what I can.
Walking home to enjoy the Chicago spring breeze => One car less on the road.
Either carrying my own shopping bags or fitting all in one big bag => enough plastic spillage.
Really trying to potty train my daughter => Don’t want more than 2 years of diapers in the environment.
Water usage limiting => This is hard, but well, for now, I am just not wasteful.
Lights => Oh yes, turning them off the minute I step out of the room.
Chargers => Trying to remember to unplug the chargers from the walls: Vampire power I think it’s called.
Using Cloth swipes more => Than paper swipes at least. It’s hard.
And a few simple other things like barely any hair dryer, limited oven usage and oh yes... definitely recycling!
Now will these small things matter in the long run? I really hope so. Will I find out in my lifetime? I doubt it. But I am sure, my daughter will! So maybe I am doing simple things for her. May be if all of us can do simple things, it might make a bigger difference and we might see the benefits in our lifetime.

Want to try with me?

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