Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's going to be different this year!!!

And it dawns on me... thanks to slick advertisements on TV and grocery store with cards, and baskets and me getting emails: this deal that deal for this day that I know Mother’s Day is coming.
One evening, while seeing one of those cute (cheesy) advertisements for mother's day, I asked SD: So when is it this year? He was as clueless as me. And yes, in all fairness, I am as clueless about Father's Day as well. I am sure the slick advertisements will tell me.
I googled, and now I know: May 9th. Perfect, Sunday! I could head for brunch with family. SD could get me a card, V will definitely have an art project and a lovely gift waiting for me. I will call my mother and mother in law, and wish them. And maybe I would write a mushy post after about how great the day was! On how I got pampered; or how, I could sleep in and not worry about a thing.
But wait a minute. I am fine if it turns out to be just another lovely Sunday. I will be fine cheering for SD's cricket game or getting up earlier to cook up V's favorite breakfast, or head out to zoo! It could be more than what Hallmark dictates it to be. Don't get me wrong, I love hallmark Day's. No harm done is my take.
Remainder of the year, SD will continue to volunteer to help clean up dishes. V will shower me with unexpected kisses and cute one-liners. My mother’s will mean as much as any other day. I will still consult my mother on OMG, How to I store this. Or ask my mother in law, how to cook this! They will be equally supportive. SD will continue to do his bit to support my crazy endeavors, stepping up to let me chill with my girls or simply be him and cheer me along. My friends will continue to help me out when I really need to shower or just pee and V needs to be fed!
So you know what, every day, is a mother's day for me.
Hmm, so may be, this year, I will reverse Mother's day meaning. It might just become a day, when I thank all the special people in my life, who help out in big and small ways to make me a better person, a better mother and happier self! Yes, that's going to be my mother's day gift to others!

Brunch at my place, while they put their feet up and relax, I thank them for being wonderful to a confused mother through the year!


Piper .. said...

:):) what a wonderful idea that is - to honor those who help make you a better person! :):) Have a super fun Mother`s day event planning! I will be back to wish you on the 9th as well :):)

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Lovely...beautiful sure there's a lot more than what meets the ordinary eye as far as contributions from near and dear ones are concerned in helping one become a great mother...and in showing your gratitude to them this Mother's day, you would be adding due meaning to one of the many Hallmark days :-)

GNSD said...

@ Piper... Am super excited this year.. since another day, i can take charge and boss people around ;-)

@ Priyanka... Exactly man... Its a whole process and one day will not be enough for me to thank those who help me out..but may be one day, I can make others feel special!