Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 2 Report! Urgh, Damn, Urgh!!!!

Ok...this week was really bad. Really Really bad! Besides being a crazy week, it turned out to be a Lazy week. I hit the gym 1 time, and rest of the days, I didn’t couldn't wouldn't do anything else. I was actually regretting talking about my 'attempt' on my blog. Since now I have to honestly own up to it. I can't let this attempt of getting fitter sweep under the rug like one of the previous ones and move on with life. No! Thanks, to this blog I have to at least see through the eight weeks (Now 6) Damn! Why oh why, did I actually publish this!
Urgh! That’s me being honest, and yes I know the whole crap of “it’s good for you, and being physically fit it better in the long run” and” I am doing the right way”, but urgh!
But it did get me thinking on a Saturday afternoon, while I was just checking emails, catching up on blogs and facebook of course. Why, don’t I go to the gym now? And that’s what I did. It felt good and luckily my motivation came back in full force! Well almost full force.
Main improvement during this week was my food chart. Well spaced out, filling meals and guess what I managed a healthy breakfast as well on a couple of days. And the Wii Fit, we will find out tonight!
And as I just re-read the words above, I am realizing maybe it’s a good thing to talk about this. May be I will actually follow through. May be just to improve my weekly report, I will do it. Ok. Self motivation, SD-motivation back, blog-motivation back! Phew. I should, I must and I will!!! Week 3, I will try to be better… I will Try honestly try!
Guys Help please.............


Piper .. said...

wow!! I`m so impressed with your efforts!! I need to start too. The greatest motivation for me right now are these blog posts of yours :):)

GNSD said...

Hi Piper... Phew... I am glad. Big relief. I really hope to keep it up. Lets see, so far this week. Not Bad... That's all I can say right now!