Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Famos Five tags!

Shilpa @ Shona Writes... thanks for the Tag. Was really sweet of you. :-D This was hard! Ok.. so here is my take on the Famous Five

5 Gloriously Horrifyingly Dumb Movies:
This is hard, since I am known to turn off those really really stupid movies… But I will try:
1. Ghost of girlfriends past: Seriously? The name seemed so cute, thought would be a nice chick flick. It turned out to be a masala movie with really really bad story line, expected turns and overall: Crappy
2. Blue: Again, with the star cast, the music, I was all for it. A movie shot under ocean, a great achievement for Bollywood. I saw it. Well till interval. Since I could not take it anymore! Urgh!
3. Shakti, The power: Urgh Urgh, Urgh! And a little bit more of urgh! I know, I should have not gone in the theater with a movie name like that!
4. Drona: Ok, I adore AB. Seriously I do, but this movie was really bad. But I had to see the whole movie, thanks to AB being in it. But still, atrociously bad movie.
5. Sweet November: Nothing sweet about this one I tell you. Another one, which I just could not complete. I have tried twice, seriously.

5 accessories you can create out of food
1. Carrots: Take 24 carrots, tie them to a strong string, make a necklace! Tada: A 24 Carrot necklace! And no don’t try it on your spouses, beloved people!
2. Macaroni: Color them; string them together to make necklaces, bracelets, belts. Learned it from my daughter’s craft class. Hehe.
3. Toothpaste: Not technically food, but when everyone else is sleeping, take the toothpaste, make a beard/ a muchi on someone. Perfect. Don’t tell me you have not done that yet!
4. Seeds: Ok, honestly I own one of these. Didn’t make it, but bought it. Some colorful seeds, dry them up and string them together for necklaces. Super light, super cool and funky as hell! In Puerto Rico etc, its big business.
5. Apple: Core the apple, cut in slices. My daughter uses it like a ring! ;-)

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at
Hmmm. Hmmm
1. Shady club: Now it’s a family friendly blog, but you know the kind I am talking about.
2. Horror House in night: Hell no, thank you very much.
3. Sky diving all by myself. Hah! Doing it the first time with tandem was great. Second time. Oops.
4. Deli Shop: I am a hard core vegetarian you see!
5. DSW: Ok, thanks to my shoe fetish, I love this place, and would be mortified if SD saw me “just checking out shoes” yet again!

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere
Yes, I am peace loving, but seriously: 5 is too less a number!
Anyone who say’s:
1. Girls can’t do it: Get ready for it, since I will have hundred arguments with you right now.
2. So, what’s your baby program: You have to read the post to figure out why I get so angsty about it.
Anyone who:
3. Speaks rudely to his wife/ her hubby or the significant other. Come on, man, they are human too. Count to ten and then talk.
4. Cuts the line ahead of me without asking, apologizing or acknowledging.
5. Says a word against my cooking: ;-) So the last one is a joke! Is it? Is it? Haha.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody
1. Tell a scary story. If they don’t giggle midway, I have succeeded.
2. Tell them, who’s that behind you, when truly there is no one.
3.Put red toothpaste on their nose and wait till morning.
Get one of those pranksters’ kit and figure out what I want to do.
4. Scream: “Scared!!!”
5. Cry....hehe

This was so much fun... and yes, my favorite part: I get to re-tag
Priyanka: Lady, still waiting for your Eight's as well
Lakshmi: It's been a while... and will be fun to read
Piper: Just to get to know you a bit better
Neetu: Lazy, get back to writing!
Tina: Testing, to see if you still reading my blogs.. hehe


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

That was a tough one girl...but finally picked the tag...:-)

Shilpa said...

wow... you are the first one to do this taggy :) tat's why I called you sweetie pie :)

Same pinch on Shakti and Drona... couldn't stand more than 1/2 hour
And I loved the macroni one... :)

Do call me when someone says against a girl.. .Will set them right (How Dare they!!!!)

GNSD said...

@ Priyanka..> Read it and loved it.. was too cute!
@ Shilpa..> Luckily or unluckily, the ones who say: "Girls cant" are tehre more than enuogh..

Was amazing doing this tag.. Got to scratch my brain a little!

Piper .. said...

:):) heyy..loved reading this! :) And thanks for the tag. I`ll get to it soon :)