Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 1 report

Why is getting fit so hard... well since the results show very slowly.
Now, Week 1 into it, I did hit the gym 3 times, but minus a Sunday, I did some sort of stretches, yoga or excercises all other days. Cool naah? Felt better, was chirpier in the mornings, and super exhausted by nights. Sadly, since I am not a morning person, the gym only fits in my schedule later in the night. Which is fine, since I do have early dinners.Another advantage of going in the night: It ensures I dont have a heavier dinner but a more filling one: Confused: Now, since dinners are the only meal, I can have with my family, it tends to be more elaborate, more creative and well I do tend to eat a bit more. So now to still reap family time benefits and make it better, I am trying to start off with Soup often. This fills me up, and my dinner portion automatically reduces making me feel lighter during workouts. And yes, 3 hours dinner prior to gym is OK. I googled! ;-)
My food chart: Yes, I realised my own worst nightmare. I am a snacker. Since more often than not, I skip breakfast, my mornings are a bit snacky until lunch. And now since I am a bit full at lunch, i dont finish my lunch. Getting me hungry around 4. Thats when i tend to finish the remainder of my lunch. Yes, eating at frequent intervals does tend to increase metabolism. However, I have realised, all my snacking is sometimes not as healthy: So now my packed lunch includes some additional healthier snacks like: extra fruit, dried cranberries, yogurt, a small chocolate (I said before, I am looking at getting fitter and not changing myself over it!Ok!) etc. Now, I know i should start breakfast more seriously... hmm.. For now, lets stick to healthier snacks, am sure I will get around to improving breakfast quality.
Oh my Wii Fit profile... sadly it does not show any weight decrease.. Hmm! Mind you, its on a weekly progress. Oh well, at least, I am doing something about it.
Next week, there better be some pound decrease or clothes loosening!

Thanks for all the support over messages, emails and chat windows. Feels good in a funny way, am not alone. Amongst other things, a dear friend recommended the following: Share your food log with three other people, will keep you honest. Hmm. Though its hard to share your vulnerability, I am doing it! Well with one other person for now.
Now, I must confess, this week was super crazy and I did eat a whole load of desserts which I normally would not! Next week's goal: Resist temptation!
Lets see how Week 2 progresses.

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