Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 3 update.....

Rollercoaster... has its highs and lows. The rush of OMG OMG; and the feeling of: Am I crazy doing this? That's how this whole "Getting Fit" phase is coming along!
This attempt is for me to choose a healthier lifestyle, make better choices and at the same time, continue to be me. Since, knowing me, if I do anything drastic, I will not be able to sustain it. Yes, losing the extra pounds is definitely a motivation!
This week went off better. Sadly, I could hit the gym only one day. BUT, I walked from office to home (Just over a mile and a half) on the remaining days. Mind you, I wear my sneakers and it's a brisk walk. The Chicago tease of spring is not helping, but you got to do what you can. Plus every day, I managed doing basic stretches etc. So though not the perfect week, it was a more consistent one.
My learning’s this week: Try having early dinners. If you have guests and you know it's gonna get crazy, it's okay to eat a bit before! Like you, when I cook a lot, I don’t feel hungry until much later and then I do tend to eat a bit more than normal. This time, I cut my fruit up before I started to cook. Felt fuller and more cheerful.
And yes, do make your food chart! It does wonders. I just realized, this week I snacked more on the yummy Namkeen than the fruit ;-)
My tempo is setting in, and I am realizing, it's not that hard. :-D Week 4.... Here I come!

Updated title: it's actual Week 3 update.. Man I am getting ahead of myself!


Vintage Obsession said...

Best of luck in your endeavor hon :) this is something all of these days with access to yummy but unhealthy food are fighting about

The Vintage Obsession

Piper .. said...

*Piper falls flat on her knees and kisses thy lotus feet!*

Bravo! You rock, Girl! You almost have me wanting to start! :):) May be I shall..

Shilpa said...

Thats gr8.... keep up the tempo and you will surely succeed.... :)

GNSD said...

@ VA: Thanks for stopping by... I am trying to eat yummy but healthy food. And didnt realise.. how hard it would be!

@ Piper........aww.. thanks a lot girl!!! I love the motivation! Well come along.. Join up, and then we can treat ourselves on Week 8 end!

@ Shilpa...the LBD awaits.. I am waiting to fit better in it! ;-)