Monday, April 26, 2010

My Love-Love relationship with the Tiny Yellow Paper.

Wow.... lovely news: Post-it's those cute irreplaceable yellow color sticky's turned 30!

They have been in existence for 30 years. And I can’t help but wonder how people managed before them.
People count on my organization and planning skill sets and I count on the Post-It’s! For me, if Post-it's were not there, my life would have been: A disorganized mess!
I swear by Post-It's ever since high school. They were my bookmarks. My notes were color coded with them for the exam time. Yellow for quick reminders, Pink for important, and blue for Have to read before entering the exam hall!
In my masters, I would use the cute fly tags for all my papers. Yes, they were color coded as well!
My friends had banned me from walking down the stationary isle anywhere, since I would need that must have Post-It for something. I remember going to my friend’s office and found myself in his stationary cabinet. I swear he had to pull me out of there! I genuinely thought, I would get over my fascination for the little paper.
But now in work life, personal life, Post-it's have infiltrated even more. I actually worked on a project where we had Post-It's on the wall to signify the progress. Yellow for test team, Blue for DBA and Green for developers. Pink was used for red flags I think. See it’s not only me. It was a group of very smart, efficient workers relying on Post-It’s. I remember making a presentation about Agile technology and talking at least twenty minutes about our post-it usage and the pattern in our madness!
On my desk even now, I will have post it's as to do's. For notes, for back tags, for meeting pointers.
I even use them in the house. I have a magnetic strip post-it. My grocery and to buy things are maintained there. My recipe books are tagged with them. Just last night, I was telling SD, I will put Post-its spelling out basic words like "Door", "Toys" for V to start reading in context of the object. Implying, the next time you come over, in addition to V's art projects, you will see Post-It art around the house!
On our trips, the plan-o-holic me, makes a folder of basic stuff life: Flight reservations, car rental papers, one set of directions (even though we carry GPS) and oh yes, The List. They are separated by my post-it’s as separators.
No, I am not crazy. I am just Post-It addicted! I still get weak kneed if I see a new style of Post it's in stationary rows. Trust me; I could cook up a need for them. My friends trained me well; I avoid going to the stationary row even now. But I would, if I could!
Happy Birthday Post-It! To your new and ever evolving life ahead!

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